The Rules of Dating Over 50

Anonymity and a slow build can help you
avoid repeating past mistakes.

by Lynn G. Coleman

Many single baby boomers want to find a soul mate
but are reluctant to start dating, for various reasons.
Sometimes it’s shyness or lack of self-confidence but, in many cases, it’s because we’ve
made mistakes in the past and are afraid of repeating them.

Without getting into abusive relationships, it does seem that we are attracted to certain
personality types over and over: the bad boys, the cheaters, the lovable ne’er-do-wells.
Many books have been written about avoiding undesirable mates, yet it almost seems as if
they pick us, rather than the other way around.

In reality, when attraction is mutual, it’s most often because the two people complement
one another in some way. People who are dominant, for example, usually fit better with
people who are submissive. But that doesn’t mean the dominant person has to be a
controller and the submissive person a doormat. There
are shades in between.

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Relationships Over 50
The Sandwich

Are you feeling the squeeze of
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children still at home? You’re
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The Over-50 Resource

Grandparenting Over 50

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enjoying the experience immensely. It's
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