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The Sexual Revolution

In the mid ‘60s, fears of overpopulation brought cries for zero population growth, and the “pill”
became widely used for birth control. Off came that modern-day chastity belt, the panty girdle,
and the era of free love dawned, climaxing in 1967 in that ultimate love-fest known as the
Summer of Love. Both the San Francisco Chronicle and Rolling Stone magazine paid tribute 40
years later with photos and commentary by those who were there.

Hot on the heels of Masters and Johnson, the Kama Sutra became required reading on college
campuses across the United States, which tied in nicely with the whole Eastern philosophy
thing being adopted by hippies.
Hair and Old Calcutta were THE plays to see — mostly for the
nudity. And the gay and lesbian movements began to gather steam.

Communes sprung up around the country, with rumors of partner swapping and sex orgies. By
the mid-'70s even respectable middle-class couples were “swinging,” also known as “wife-
swapping.” Many of these activities are still practiced today in private clubs using safe-sex

Movies became racier and pornography became chic. And women’s clothing became skimpier
and skimpier. Although the sexual revolution was touted as part of the “feminist” movement,
some now view it as just another way to
exploit women.

The Drug Counterculture

Although drugs weren’t invented in the 1960s, taking them for recreation became acceptable
and glamorized on college campuses during our youth. Remember the Doors and Easy Rider? LSD?
Timothy Leary? Psychedelic, baby.

For draftees, taking drugs was a way to block out the
horrors of war.
hippies, it was another form of social protest against authority
and “the establishment.” But for most the drug movement was just
part of an emerging

Another connection with the psychedelic movement was the
growing fascination with eastern religions, Hindu mysticism, yoga
and transcendentalism (Incidentally, the Beatles’ guru, Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi, just died Feb. 5, 2008, at the age of 91).


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Did You Know …

Grammy winner Norah Jones is the daughter of
the great sitar master,
Ravi Shankar, who
influenced so many of us in the '60s.