Retirement or Bust
Baby boomers are facing more
uncertainty than previous
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Whether you want to start investing, switch investments, get the most out of
your home or dig your way out of debt, the Web is a wealth of information for
baby boomers.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority offers investment advice, articles and
neat tools such as a broker checker, retirement calculator, and mutual funds
expense analyzer.

Financial education and tools for low- to moderate-income working women can be
found through the
Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement. The organization
addresses topics that can throw women’s finances into a tailspin, such as divorce,
and includes a section for Spanish speakers.

Get financial
advice and forecasts from Kiplinger magazine and 101 ways to trim
your budget from Yahoo.

Compare mortgage, CD and savings, college loan, IRA, credit card and other
rates to find the best deal. If you own a home, need extra cash and are over age
62, you might want to consider a
reverse mortgage.
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Make your own

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Spend your
dollars wisely.
Boomers are not faring targets of  and have trouble finding another job with a similar salary and
benefits.  Some can’t find
layoffswork at all and have to dip into their 401ks and savings.

Younger boomers who still have kids at home or in college are having
paying their bills. Many people borrowed against their homes,
only to have the bottom fall out of the housing market. And one serious
illness can spell disaster, employed or not.

Even the wealthy face financial ruin by overspending. These people had
to learn to
budget and change their lifestyle, but now they're happier.
It's amazing how much cash we can find once we learn the definitions of
Need vs. Want.

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Employment & Education section.
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family's struggle with
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