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Senior Travel — It Ain’t What It Used to Be

By Lynn G. Coleman

Yes, you can still see flocks of white-haired ladies arm-in-arm touring Europe on buses, but that’s not really
the boomer style.  We’re independent, youthful and free-spirited.  The last thing we want is someone
telling us where to go and when.

OK, then how do we travel? One way is “through the back door” with
Rick Steves. His web site, travel
guides, and PBS television show probably have encouraged more Americans to travel than ever before. Rick
Steves, a boomer himself, has traveled extensively throughout Europe, and his enthusiasm is infectious.  
He is also frugal, like many of us, preferring to spend money on thrills rather than frills.

    When I made my first trip to Europe in 1999, Rick was my main
    guide.  I selected his recommended hotels and restaurants in
    France and England, and was not disappointed. The same is
    true of his back-door destinations — they were fabulous. His
    guidebooks give advice about cultural nuances, which made all
    my encounters with the locals very pleasant. He also offers
    tours for those who want more structure.

    Have a passion for cycling in the Danube Valley, hiking from
    Vienna to Prague, cruising to Antarctica or yachting in the
    Galapagos Islands? Try 50 Plus Expeditions. Those who want
    alternative adventure holidays can also check out Golden Gap
    Years, a site devoted to overseas travel, golfing, water sports,
    winter sports, camping and caravanning.

    And for the cruise lovers, Cruise Diva has compiled everything
    you want to know about cruising. Her site includes ship
    reviews, feature articles, advice and more.

If you think you can’t afford to travel, check out Budget Travel, Elderhostels and the Evergreen Club’s B&B
exchange. Have more time than money? Take the MegaBus for $1 fares to some U.S. destinations.

If you want to go somewhere, there is a way! Here are some additional sites to get you moving:

  • Book your hotel, airline, and car rental all in one place through Travelocity or Expedia.

  • The Travel Insider offers travel planning assistance, road warrior resources, airline reviews and more.

  • Fodor’s travel guides are essential when you hit the road. Rip them apart and take only what you
    need. Then discard the pages as you go to lighten your load.
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