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Where we live often changes over 50 ...  

Many empty nesters want to downsize and move out of their big homes in the
suburbs, but where will they go?  

A lot of boomers are moving back to the big city and loving it: see
Empty Nesters
Flock to Cities, Top Towns for Empty Nesters, and Cities Are Hot Again.
Downsizing doesn’t have to be painful, either.)  Some are moving into cohousing
communities. (No, it’s not like a commune — exactly.)  And others are finding
creative living arrangements: RVs, mobile homes, houseboats, etc.

With expenses soaring and income dwindling, baby boomers
definitely need to start thinking (and living)
outside the box.
Now this is what I call “downsizing.” Resources for Life has an
outreach program called the
Small House Society. The mission
Resources for Life is to foster simpler, smaller, and more
sustainable living.

Single people who have plenty of money and an extensive
network of family and friends might choose to live alone. But
if you’re broke or lonely (or both), maybe a compatible older
roommate is the answer. The nonprofit
Alternative Living for
the Aging matches people up in California as traditional roomies
and even runs cooperative apartment communities where people live in separate
flats, but help each other out (someone cooks, someone drives, etc.). Your local
senior center also might offer a house-sharing service.

If you think you'll need to find housing assistance or affordable housing, visit our
Advocacy page.

Living Better

Real Simple offers solutions for everyday life
Simple Living shows us some painless ways
to live an earth-friendly, nontoxic life

Find reliable
repair service companies for your
home and
consumer ratings of local service

O, The Oprah Magazine, lists the best places to
recycle environmentally unfriendly products,
while bargain hunters might want to keep this
list of the
best time to buy just about

Find out the
Hidden Costs of Stuff.

Before you buy anything, investigate business
complaints via the
Ripoff Report, the Better
Business Bureau or Planetfeedback.

All Things Frugal offers links to frugal-living and
money-saving articles
Our House

"Our house is a very,
    very fine house ..."

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Downsizing?  Find
out how to
declutter and
organize your
smaller space.