Health & Nutrition Over 50
The Over-50 Resource

Health just naturally becomes more of a focus as baby boomers age. Weight control
can be an issue, and people over 50 face annoying degenerative changes such as arthritis that
affect our fitness level and sexual prowess. What can we do?

First start with WebMD’s page on
healthy aging, which includes blogs, bulletin boards, quizzes,
expert columns and more. Then move on to Yahoo’s
Live Better Longer site, with Dr. Mao’s
secrets of longevity.

Reuter’s Health is a comprehensive source of general health information, CNN features the
wisdom of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the
New York Times has “all the news that’s fit to print” on health
and aging online and
MSNBC focuses on the latest medical breakthroughs.

Fort Smith Public Library site has dozens of useful health links, as well as advice on how to
search for health-related topics on the Internet.

Any of these sites will start you off on your search for a healthier lifestyle, but here's a word of
Always consult with your doctor before following the advice found on any Web site.
Find out what makes
this boomer run ...

Not enough gas to be a runner?
Try a little
Granny Ball instead.

For Men Only

New Modern Man features sections on
medical information and health (general
and sexual) for men, as well as other topics
of interest to boomer guys.

Men’s Health includes good exercise and
fitness tips for men of all ages.

For Women Only

Test your menopause IQ at Women
to Women.

Read the article,
Menopause and Me, to
see how your experience measures up.

Nutrition Over 50

The U.S. government recently put out a new food
pyramid, and the National Institutes of Health has
a wealth of information on all sorts of nutrition-
related issues. Take this fun
Portion Distortion
quiz that compares common food portion sizes
today with what we ate 20 years. It’s a real eye-

As we age, our nutritional needs change. After
menopause, for example, women need more
calcium/vitamin D and less iron.

Some vitamin companies are trying to take the
guesswork out of the process. Centrum Silver is
formulated for people over age 50, and GNC
recently introduced its new 50 Plus Vita-Paks for
men and women to take the guesswork out of daily
If you're trying to get healthy, check
out these other useful sites:

  • This Advanced BMI calculator lets you
    see how your weight and body mass
    index (BMI) compares with that of
    other people your own age.

  • Customize the best diet for your
    lifestyle and personality.

  • FitDay and SparkPeople both allow you
    to map out daily calories, fat,
    carbohydrates and protein. It’s a great
    way to visually track any dietary
    changes you are making.

  • Chowbaby’s comprehensive guide to
    calories and nutrients in popular fast-
    food franchises arms you with nutrition
    facts before eating out.

  • has quizzes and calculators
    plus a healthy grocery shopping list
    generator tool, a way to analyze how
    healthy your favorite foods are.

Mental Health

The United States
MedlinePlus offers
health check tools,
statistics, information
on clinical trials and

If you’re wondering
whether you just have
the blues or need to
see a professional,
take this
screening test from

Want to improve your
mental health?  Here
10 tips.

Feeling stressed? Try

’s self-tests,  
which cover not just
health, but also
career, relationships,
IQ, etc.

Use it or lose it —
exercising your brain.

Keep on surfing!  
Internet use boosts
your brain power.
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