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Good news for baby boomers from the National Older Worker Career Center. Soon older
employees will be in
demand again, as the number of younger workers continues to decline.
(The question remains, though, whether we will be in high-paying executive jobs or bagging
groceries at the supermarket.)

Perhaps it’s time to think about changing careers.
Andrea Kay offers advice and a quiz to
determine if you’re in the right career or not. And AARP publishes an annual list of
Employers for Workers Over 50.

Find out everything about a potential new career—the earnings, education and training
needed, what workers do on the job, working conditions and expected growth or decline of
demand in the next 10 years—from
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Then figure out what your
salary will be after deductions with this nifty
paycheck calculator.

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Check out how one
woman started a new
career after early
retirement by
applying some
unconventional wisdom.
Reality Check on the Employment Front
Bad economy has a silver lining for older workers.
Whether you still have to put kids through college or are trying to go back yourself, think
more information about grants, and
FastWeb lets you plug your information into a form to
search for available scholarships. Or try applying for some of the
obscure scholarships out
there (like the one for being left handed).

Perhaps you’ve heard that your life experience can qualify you for a degree. Check out this
chart before choosing a school.

Wonder if you're too old to go back to school? Read Alice's story: "
Never Too Late"
Education: It isn't just for the young

Thinking about a
new career? Here
are some
employment and
education links that
will help you get

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