Kathleen Casey-Kirschling, the world’s first baby boomer, began collecting Social Security in
2008. Most of us who belong to the phenomenal
baby-boom generation  — arguably everyone
born between 1946 and 1964 — are either right on Kathleen’s heels or just reaching the half-
century mark.

Articles and Links

As the name implies, the Over-50 Resource is intended to be a one-stop site for information
of interest to people over age 50. I have done the searching and sifting in an attempt to
provide the most useful and high-quality links. And I’ve tried to present the information in a
cohesive way — through articles written by and about real boomers.

Targeted Sections

The Over-50 Resource is organized into eight main categories: Our Relationships, Our
Finances, Our Lifestyles, Our House, Health and Nutrition, Employment and Education, Travel
and Entertainment, and Advocacy. Within each category, I’ve targeted information relevant
specifically to the current boomer experience. For example, the Our House section focuses on
changes in home life — downsizing rather than decorating — that might be of interest to, say,
empty-nesters. A ninth section, For Your Spirit, lists inspirational articles that might help you
cope with many of life's difficulties.

Throughout this site, I have attempted to be even-handed and promote no particular political
or religious view.

Bring the Kids

Although the Over-50 Resource is primarily for baby boomers, everyone is welcome. Children
of boomers can find help for their loved ones in the Advocacy section or perhaps marvel at
some events that shaped our lives in the Lifestyle section.

Your Input

We hope our experiences inform, comfort, entertain, support and inspire you. The Over-50
Resource welcomes your suggestions for new articles related to our main topics. Send us an
e-mail and tell us what you’d like read about that we haven’t covered. And come back often
because we will constantly be adding new articles and links.

                                                                Lynn G. Coleman
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